Monday, October 4, 2021

Everyone Needs a Timeout

  Ever wish you could escape? Take a break from the stress of your life, your job, your responsibilities? I’m not talking about a vacation. I’m talking about an escape for you, just you. Like book a hotel in the next town over and just hide out for a few days?

This is a fantasy of mine that I dream of when I start getting stressed out. It usually happens before a spiral, up or down is what I don’t know. Realizing that the spiral is coming is what I usually miss. I don’t reach out, I just keep daydreaming. This is not to say this happens everytime, sometimes I just spiral with no warning at all.

Ever wonder why people have a “happy place” that they think about and picture when stressed out? Maybe the beach is yours? It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you have one. A place to go to give yourself a mental break for a while. 

There is nothing wrong with needing a break. Taking a break for your mental health is necessary to function. Add in mental illness, and sometimes breaks are literal lifesavers. So why are breaks looked down on?

Why are we constantly judging each other for something everyone is entitled to? When are we going to start lifting each other up and supporting each other instead of dragging each other down? We need to start lifting up each other. Supporting each other when we say we need a break.

The more we bring each other down, the more we are hurting ourselves. Everybody deserves to take a break. Enjoy an escape. Something that is all yours. Nobody needs an explanation. Just relax, and unwind. Decompress your mind.

Do not let other people’s judgement keep you from taking a break. Taking a break and decompressing before burnout sets in is essential. How can you be at your best when your mind is exhausted?

Self-care is just as important as drinking enough water. We all need to take breaks and care for just ourselves. So go get that pedicure. Take that trip. Take a bubble bath and read a book. Whatever it is, take your break. You deserve it. Enjoy your escape.

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